DXer's Guide : ABC of DXing

# ABC of DXing Guide to Get the Crown You Deserve in DX-World

ABC of Dxing

ABC of DXing is a perfect place for beginners, who desire to be serious radio listeners and QSL collectors. One of the prominent parts of DX ABC is DXers' Guide : to learn the ABC of DXing. It is not a Handbook of Radio Listening or Dxing, but help listener to get their crown which they deserve. 

ABC of DXing : ride the wave

DXing or Listening Distance Radio station is a scientific hobby. Through this hobby, DXer (who gets involved in DXing) try to listen to or identify distant radio signals. The word DX comes from the Morse Code ā€˜Dā€™ means Distance and ā€˜Xā€™ from the Transmitter. ABC of DXing is your technical guidance to enhance your knowledge on this field.  

Shortwave Listening (SWLing) is one of the best fields of DXing. Listeners tune the Shortwave band (more than 1700 kHz to 30 MHz frequency limit) coming across the country. Dxing always means a signal coming from a distance, not in a local station. To be a perfect or successful Radio Hobbyist, we need to know the technology of Radio communication, have to follow the latest Frequency Guide, send reception reports, and be sure to collect the QSL Cards

Let's go for DXing

Reception Report

Bangla Service still has a huge demand in the radio listeners community. It is true that now only a few radio stations have Bengali Service on Shortwave. Even the leading Broadcasters are also ceased their operation of the Bengali service. In the Golden era of Shortwave broadcasting, Bengali Service comes from every part of the world. This section presents the latest and updated Frequency list of Bangla services worldwide. 

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Test few Others

Try your luck. Visit Quiz Corner and you may win a gift. be smile.

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What is QSL Card?

New technology of broadcasting ceased Hindi Service on Shortwave and also some medium wave. Once there were 100s radio broardcasters had thier Hindi language service. now a days it was limited with a few. Surf for the latest.

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Frequency Guide

Urdu Language Shortwave and Medium wave service frequency guide from the world. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley.

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radio and Antenna

Tune Radio to discover the world and increased your knowledge on the latest news, development, and the country's tradition, costume. Or even listen to music. You only need a SW radio with a telescopic antenna. If you desire to surf more on radio wave to shoud use some other indoor or out-door antenna. DX ABC with help you on this

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#Discover the Radio World

The World on Your Palm 

Radio is your guide, philosopher, and tutor who helps you discover the world without any return through the Wave (AM, FM, or Net).

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