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Medium Wave Radio in Europe is Quiet Demise
The quiet demise of Medium Wave radio in Europe marks the end of an era. As we bid farewell to this once-dominant broadcasting medium, we must also acknowledge the new radio and digital broadcasting frontiers that continue to shape our listening experiences.
Al Arabia FM a New Voice on Shortwave
Al Arabiya FM Radio started its journey in 2004, with its main office based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. offers a broad range of engaging programs that cater to a wide audience. From up-to-the-minute news updates and insightful political analysis to lively talk shows and thrilling sports.
DEGEN DE 13 – A Collector’s Gem and Lifesaver
Overall, the DEGEN DE 13 is a reliable and versatile emergency radio with several practical features, though it does have a few limitations that might affect its performance and user experience in certain situations.