VOM Poetry Competition
Voice of Mongolia arranged VOM Poetry Competition on the occasion of their 88 anniversary of Radio Broadcasting. Recite and win the prize.

Voice of Mongolia has a special announcement. On the occasion of the 88th anniversary of Mongolian Radio Broadcasting, VOM Poetry Competition has been organized. Voice of Mongolia invites you to read VOM-selected Mongolian poetry.

Details of the VOM Poetry Competition

To participate in this contest, VOM listeners must recite the selected poem, “My Native Land.” Dashdorjiin Natsagdorj, a Mongolian poet, author, and playwright, wrote the poem "My Native Land" (Mongolian: "Minii nutag"). The poem mostly depicts the stunning environment and ecology of Mongolia. The phrase "pasture-land" in the title could allude to either Mongolia as a whole or to one's "birthplace" or "homeland."

For a better understanding, the Voice of Mongolia English service introduced “Poetry Break.” This special slot will be aired every Monday and Friday. Listeners reciting may also be played here in this show.

This competition will continue for a month and end on 21st November 2022. The Winners of the poetry competition will receive a prize that announced in the VOM English mailbox program on November 28th.

VOM will also post the poem on their Facebook Page and email the script to their listeners.

How to participate?

Listeners have to recite the Poem “My native land” and record it in audio or video format. The recorded reciting must be sent by 21 November 2022 through the Email of the FB manager.

Where I found the Poem

Voice of Mongolia has shared the script of the poem My Native land. Here is the script for you all. VOV Wave Hunters Association also taken step to assist recording and guide to participate in this competition

My Native Land (Minii Nutag)
 by Dashdorjiin Natsagdorj

High stately mountains of Khenti, Khangai, and Sayan,
Forests and thick wooded ridges – the beauty of the North 
The Great Gobi desert – the spaces of Menen, Sharga, and Nomin
And the oceans of sand deserts that dominate the South

This, this is my native land
The lovely country – my Mongolia

The crystal rivers of sacred Kherlen, Onon, and Tuul
Brooks, streams, and springs that bring health to all my people
The blue lakes of Khovsgol, Uvs, and Buir – deep and wide
Rivers and lakes where people and cattle quench their thirst

This, this is my native land
The lovely country – my Mongolia

The most beautiful rivers of Orkhon, Selenge, and Khukhui
Mountains and passes – the source of metals and stone
Ancient structures and ruins of town and fortresses
Roads and highways running to distant countries

This, this is my native land
The lovely country – my Mongolia

The high crowns of snowcapped mountains shining from afar
The endless virgin landscape under the clear blue sky
The noble summits seen standing in the distance
And the unbounded fields where one’s soul, at last, finds peace

This, this is my native land
The lovely country – my Mongolia

The vast land of Khalkha among the deserts and highlands
Land where we rode along and across from the green days of our youth
Towering mountain chains where deer and wolf are hunted
And the finest valleys where splendid horses run

This, this is my native land
The lovely country – my Mongolia

The land of pure grasses waving in the breeze
The land of open steppes full of fantastic mirages
Firm rocks and out-of-reach places where good men used to meet
And the ancient ovoos – the cairns to gods and ancestors.

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