Shortwave Worldwide Algeria

Medium Wave Radio in Europe is Quiet Demise
The quiet demise of Medium Wave radio in Europe marks the end of an era. As we bid farewell to this once-dominant broadcasting medium, we must also acknowledge the new radio and digital broadcasting frontiers that continue to shape our listening experiences.
From RTVS to STVR: The Evolution of Slovak Public Broadcasting
As a dedicated radio hobbyist and longtime listener of Radio Slovakia International, I've closely followed the evolution of Slovak public broadcasting. The recent transformation of RTVS (Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska) into STVR (Slovenská televízia a rádio) marks a significant chapter in this history.
Radio Exterior de España: Commitment to Global Broadcasting
Radio Exterior de España, launched in 1942, has a storied history of connecting Spain with the world. In 2014, REE’s shortwave broadcasts were temporarily suspended, causing concern among its global audience. The new transmitters will play a crucial role in delivering shortwave signals around the globe.
Noods Radio Bristol: A Sonic Sanctuary in City
Founded in 2015, Noods Radio emerged as a grassroots project in Bristol—a humble endeavor fueled by passion rather than resources. In 2021, Mickey Zoggs became the home of this radio station. Noods blossomed into a beacon of creativity, celebrating the diverse soundscape of Bristol.
Campus Radio BitExpress: A Pioneering Journey in Digital Radio
Campus Radio, Funklust’s evolution from BitExpress showcases a commitment to innovation, quality broadcasting, and global reach. From pioneering digital shortwave broadcasting to embracing DRM technology, funklust continues to be a beacon of creativity and community engagement.
Radio Piko Charming Shortwave
Radio Piko is a delightful shortwave station designed for Finnish radio enthusiasts. It broadcasts pre-1950 music, old-time radio shows, and wartime swing bands. Operating on the shortwave band provides a nostalgic alternative to modern transmissions on weekends. Embracing the rich history of radio, Radio Piko brings a unique listening experience to its audience.
Guangxi Beibu Bay Radio: A Gem of Regional Broadcasting
Guangxi Beibu Bay Radio was launched to cater specifically to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the surrounding areas, including parts of Southeast Asia. It provides localized content that may not be covered in depth by China Radio International (CRI), which has a broader, international focus.
AM Radio in Japan Faces Permanent Shutdown
AM radio first hit the Japanese airwaves in 1925, heralding a new era of communication. It quickly became a household staple, offering a wide range of programming from historical broadcasts like Emperor Hirohito's 1945 surrender speech to the vibrant youth culture shows of the 1960s.
Qatar Radio: A Journey of Sound and Culture
In the heart of the Arabian Peninsula lies a beacon of communication, culture, and spirituality: Qatar Radio (إذاعة قطر). Established in 1968, this venerable institution has played a pivotal role in shaping Qatar’s identity and connecting its people to the world. Operated by the Qatar Media Corporation (QMC), Qatar Radio is a public service broadcaster.
Vibrant Waves of Guinea-Bissau: A Journey through Radio History
In "The Vibrant Waves of Guinea-Bissau: A Journey through Radio Broadcasting History", we will delve into Guinea-Bissau's radio broadcasting timeline. It also explores the evolution from colonial-era transmissions to today's vibrant and diverse RDN.
Al Arabia FM a New Voice on Shortwave
Al Arabiya FM Radio started its journey in 2004, with its main office based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. offers a broad range of engaging programs that cater to a wide audience. From up-to-the-minute news updates and insightful political analysis to lively talk shows and thrilling sports.
Radio Sweden International 70 years of Broadcasting
Did you know that in 1990, Radio Sweden International joined forces with SR’s Immigrant Languages Department to create the SR International channel? And guess what? Since its inception in 1938, RSI has been a vital conduit between Sweden and the global community. Join Radio Sweden for a grand celebration featuring special broadcasts, live music, and a panel discussion.