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Live from Tamsui: RTI’s Exciting Test Broadcast of French Service
Radio Taiwan International (RTI) gears up for its groundbreaking "live from Tamsui" test broadcast in August. This transmission will be directly from the Tamsui transmission center in northern Taiwan to Europe and South Africa. Listeners are encouraged to tune in to these frequencies during the specified time slots and provide their reception reports.
RTI Reduce Shortwave Broadcasts
Radio Taiwan International (RTI), the international broadcasting arm of Taiwan, ROC, will reduce its shortwave Broadcasts from August 1, 2023. The move is to save money, as RTI has faced financial challenges recently.
RTI Groove Zone Quiz!
This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate love and light, and RTI Groove Zone Quiz can’t wait to read your delightful stories. Whether it’s a cherished memory of a shared meal or a special dish that brings back loving moments, your story could light up their lanterns – and your Valentine’s Day!