The Slovak Institute: Celebrating 30 Years of Slovakia
The RSI competition is named "30 Years of Slovakia" for 2023 and commemorates the republic's independence anniversary. The June 2023 round will focus on Slovak cultural Institute across the globe.

Slovakia commemorates its 30th anniversary of independence this year. It is an opportune time to reflect on the significant contributions made by "The Slovak Institute" that have played a pivotal role in shaping the country's development. Among these institutions, this Institute stands out as a beacon of cultural diplomacy and promoting Slovakia's heritage worldwide. In honor of this remarkable milestone, Radio Slovakia International has chosen this Institute as the focus for its June competition.

Radio Slovakia International June 2023 Quiz

The RSI competition is named "30 Years of Slovakia" for 2023 and commemorates the republic's independence anniversary. The June 2023 round will focus on Slovak culture across the globe. This month listeners have to answer the following quiz question:

Where, or in which city, is the youngest Slovak Institute located?

You have to send your entry by the end of June 2023. You can send it by Email or Snail Mail to

Radio Slovakia International, RTVS, Mlynska dolina, 84545 Bratislava, Slovakia

The Slovak Institute: A-Pillar of Slovakian Culture:

Established in 1994, the Slovak Institute has been a key player in promoting Slovakian culture, history, and arts globally. With its headquarters in Bratislava, the Institute has served as a valuable platform for showcasing Slovakia's rich cultural heritage to the world. Through diverse activities, it has aimed to foster international understanding, strengthen cultural ties, and raise awareness about Slovakia's unique identity.

Slovak Institute: Forging Global Partnerships

The Slovak Cultural Institute has played a significant role in building and nurturing partnerships with international organizations, cultural institutions, and universities. Engaging in cultural diplomacy has helped raise Slovakia's profile and strengthen its ties with countries worldwide. The institute has facilitated cultural exchanges, exhibitions, and performances through collaborative projects and joint initiatives, creating an intercultural dialogue that transcends borders. Worldwide it has several branches; the Jerusalem branch is the latest one, opened by Slovakia.

Preserving Traditions and Encouraging Innovation:

The Slovakian Institute has tirelessly worked to preserve traditional Slovakian customs and practices while encouraging contemporary expressions of Slovakian culture. Its endeavors encompass various fields, including literature, music, film, visual arts, and performing arts. By organizing exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, and cultural events, the institute has successfully brought the essence of Slovakia to people across continents.

Celebrating Slovakia's 30th anniversary of independence provides an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the achievements of the Slovak Institute. The institute has become an invaluable ambassador of Slovakian heritage worldwide through its unwavering dedication to cultural diplomacy, education, and research. As it enters a new era, the Slovak Institute is poised to build on its remarkable legacy and contribute further to Slovakia's cultural richness, ensuring that the next 30 years are filled with continued success and global recognition.